Timberfest Memorial 2019 Lacrosse Tournament Rules



Timberfest Memorial 2019 Lacrosse Tournament Rules


Team Information

  • All teams must meet requirements per the ALA Regulations (2019v4).
  • All rosters are per the ALA Registration System. Affiliations are permitted per ALA Regulation 27.
  • All Players must be registered with the ALA; out of province players are not permitted.
  • All coaches must meet CLA Minimum Coaching standards.
  • All Trainers must meet ALA Requirements per ALA Regulations.
  • All out of Province teams MUST have a valid travel permit and be able to present it if asked.
  • Mouth guards are MANDATORY and the wearing of all jewelry on the floor is strictly prohibited; this includes piercings, which must be appropriately covered if removal is impossible.

Tournament Chair (Crystal Kleutsch, Sheryl Bates)

Their role is to oversee the operations of the ALA Sanctioned Tournament by Supervising

Registration and Ensuring ALA rules of play are followed.

  • Ensure that Game Structure, Overtime Rules, and Suspension Guidelines as per ALA Regulation 27 have been posted in an accessible spot adjacent to the score board.
  • Score sheets - Score sheets must be completed for all team players and bench personnel. If a team chooses to use stickers they must line up and be placed on all 3 copies or they are not permitted.
  • Request ALRA RIC to advise timekeeping officials that ALL copies of score sheet must be returned to registrar's desk.
  • Upon completion of tournament, make sure the discipline chair ensures that the following information is sent to the ALA office within 48 hrs after the final game of the tournament.
    • All Game Sheets
    • Discipline Log Committee Report
  • Upon competition of tournament, make sure the tournament chair ensures the tournament standing report is provided to the ALA office within 48 hrs after the final game of the tournament.


Game Sheets

Only ALA game sheets are to be used for all tournaments. As the game sheet is the legal record of the event, it is essential that it be made out as clearly and concisely as possible. With this in mind, we REQUIRE the following procedures be implemented. All game sheets must be numbered and filled out clearly and concisely and as follows:

  • Game sheets are to be completed with players in numerical order according to sweaters.
  • Game sheets must be prepared 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

Game sheets will be available at the Host Table prior to each game.

  • Rosters can have a maximum 18 runners and 2 goalies. A player may play on only one

team for the entire tournament.

  • Overaged players are not permitted.
  • All bench personnel must be listed.
  • The first and last name of all players must be printed legibly.
  • At the conclusion of the game, both referees must sign the game sheet.
  • The HOME TEAM is responsible to return the game sheets to the Tournament Table where you pick them up at the start of the game.
  • Any incidents must be reported to the host chair immediately.
  • Team captain and/or assistants shall be determined by a letter beside their name

(Captain - 'C', Assistant - 'A').

  • Affiliated players are permitted per ALA Regulation 27 and must be listed as AP.
  • If team colors are similar, the HOME team will be required to change jerseys.
  • In situations where an organization has more than one team operating within an age

category, it must be clearly indicated which team the game sheet covers.

  • Referees will check the completed game sheet to ensure it is accurate. Only when the

referees are sure the game sheet is complete and accurate, should they sign it. The

accuracy of a game sheet is the responsibility of the referees. This includes but not

limited to the number of players on the floor and bench personal on the bench.


Discipline Procedures

  • All infractions are to be dealt with at the tournament with exceptions of ‘MATCH

PENALTY - ABUSE OF AN OFFICIAL’ ;this will automatically be a suspension until dealt with by the teams LGB.

  • ALL major penalties are to be handled by the discipline committee.
    • This committee will be made up of, the chair of the tournament, RIC and Disciplinary officer. Please see ALA regulation 17 for automatic suspensions.
      • Tournament Chair - Sheryl Bates, Crystal Kleutsch
      • Disciplinary Officer - Tanya Korenda, Marie McDonaugh
    • All 5 minute penalties and suspensions must be reported to the ALA office within 48 hours. ALA email : lisa@albertalacrosse.com
    • ALA Suspension Guidelines will be used per the ALA regulation 20
      • Everyone must realize that for our game to grow, we must deal with the players and bench personnel in a manner that will make it evident that any deviation from good sportsmanship and the rules of the game will not be tolerated.
    • All Suspensions are to be served consecutively - Tournament, League, and Provincials.
    • The use of a suspended or ineligible player(s) will result in a forfeiture of the game plus a referral to ALA discipline.


Suspension Information

  • ALA Regulation 20 - Automatic Suspensions.
  • Players and/or Bench Personnel who have received penalties calling for suspensions will be dealt with at the earliest possible time following the game.
  • The Discipline Committee will conduct such interviews as may be necessary and render a decision as to the length of a suspension.
  • The result of any decision must be communicated to the suspended party and their coach AT THE TOURNAMENT by the Discipline Chair.
  • Teams who have person(s) serving suspension MUST indicate their names on the game sheet.
  • Suspensions levied by the Tournament Discipline Committee must be reported to the ALA within 24 hours.


Referees and Game Officials

  • All referees must be currently carded ALRA officials.
  • In Invitational Tournament play, the assigned Referee-in-Chief (RIC) will appoint referees for the approved competition.
  • Abuse of players, team staff, referees, game officials or tournament committee members will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion of the individual or teams involved. This will be at the discretion of the Tournament Chair and Discipline Committee.

Game Structure

No team or player will be allowed to play more than three (3) games in any one day.

  • Where possible, a minimum of three (3) hours rest will be allowed between finish and

scheduled start times of any team's games.

  • Length of Games
    • Tyke - as per CLA Rule Book Option L
    • Novice games will be three (3) fifteen minute runtime periods, no clock

stoppage (1hr time allowance).

  • Peewee games will be two (2) fifteen minute and one (1) twenty minute stop time periods (1.5hr time allowance).
  • Bantam and Midget games will be three (3) twenty minute stop time periods

(1.5hr time allowance).

  • Mercy Rule - If a goal differential of six (6) or more goals is present at any time during the game, at the next whistle to start play, the clock will run at straight time. If the goal differential is brought within four (4) goals, the clock shall return to stop time at that time.
  • Game Officials - TIME KEEPER will be provided by the HOME team; the SCOREKEEPER will be provided by the VISITOR; and both will provide penalty box personnel.
  • Overtime - In Round Robin there will be five (5) minute sudden victory periods until a

goal is scored. There will be one (1) minute rest period between each five (5) minute

period. In Medal games only as per CLA Rule 20: exception is made to rest time between periods, which will be (5) minutes.

  • Tie Breaker - In the event of a tie in point standings in a competition, final standings shall be determined as follows:
    • If two teams are tied, the winner of the game or games between the two teams advances. If a tie still exists, the goal average formula listed below will be used.
    • If three or more teams are tied, and if one team has defeated the other teams with which it is tied after round robin play, the team shall advance. Otherwise the team with the best goal average shall advance.
    • The goal average is calculated by dividing the total goals for, by the total goals for plus the total goals against. Only the goals scored in games between the tied teams is used in the goal average formula for tie breaking. The team with the greater resultant number shall advance.





The formula is applied once to rank all tied teams.

  • If a tie still exists between teams, the winner of the game(s) between the two teams advances.



To place an appeal, the appealing team must put a $100 non-refundable bond forward. The appeal must be made in writing and must be received no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game. If game conclusion time is missing from the game sheet the scheduled game time conclusion shall be used. If the appeal is won the fee will be refunded. If any game or portion thereof is to be replayed, the refund will be given after that conclusion.


Courtesy Between Competitors and Respect for Players and Fans

  • Team management will not permit any of their players to enter the playing surface while any players from the previous game remain on the floor.
  • Any players entering the playing surface between scheduled games shall wear CSA approved helmets and facemask or will be subject to a fine as per ALA Regulations.
  • Unruly fans will be barred from the tournament arenas at the discretion of the RIC and the Discipline Committee.
  • Dressing rooms must be left clean and orderly after each game. Any team leaving a room and/or facility in disarray or in a damaged state could face expulsion from the tournament and be required to pay for damages and clean up fees.
  • All dressing rooms must be empty when going on the floor. Gear bags can be taken and stored beside the benches during the game.


Calgary Soccer Center Rules

As we are operating at the Calgary Soccer Centre we are asking that you assist us in maintaining these wonderful amenities and ensuring a safe environment for all with the following expectations:

  • Any person on the floor, bench, and time keeper under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet. Even if you are a coach.
  • Absolutely no balls will be permitted except within the playing fields - ZERO TOLERANCE.
  • Please ensure all balls are stored in equipment bags until the teams have entered onto the fields.
  • Staff will confiscate any lacrosse balls that are being thrown within or outside of the facility when not on a field.
  • Balls may be retrieved from staff as you exit the facility.
  • Spitting on the fields will not be tolerated.
  • Staff is to be respected at all time, any group not respecting these guidelines may be asked to leave the tournament.

Thank You in advance for ensuring your players, coaches, and parents are aware of these expectations at the Calgary Soccer Centre.

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